Born on June 28,  Maurice Chike Ugwonoh is the A9 of the popular underground HipHop Music group in Nigeria, The Kalip8. He graduated from the University of Ibadan Oyo, Nigeria and Currently work as Asst. Dir. Copy at DDB Lagos.

Apart from copy writing, Maurs as he’s fondly called is a talented rapper, spoken words writer and performer and artist. This week, iamhiponline brings you some of Muars inspiring poems.




This is a funeral for a Pen

This is a funeral for a friend

This is a funeral for a dear oneOne whom I loved till the end.


This is no fun, still I must write

This is a wrong that I must right

This is a right we’ve left with spite

A barren moon turned hole in the night


Words are thoughts made flesh and ink

Thoughts are ghosts from the eternal brink

Thirst I quench with a drink of ink

I think, it inks. A telepathic link


Addicted I am to the needle of my pen

Every doodle I inject courses through my veins

Knowledge is power, a cold rush to the brain

Hallucination, imagination…they’re same to the brain.


My inner demons are mine, go to hell and get yours.

Everyman has his troubles, don’t let me troubleshoot yours

My pen is not to blame for every fix I can’t resist

My priest think’s it’s psychosis, my shrink thinks he’s an exorcist


So now that I lay down my right to write

My penchant for the pen expunged like a blight

Is my “Pensoul” gone to the great beyond

Or will my pen-chant be born anew because my word is my bond

Where do Pensouls go?

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