MEET NAIJA ENTREPENEURS I KNOW: The future is here; The Future is Bukola ‘Shawttynatt’ Wahab

How easy is working an 8-5 job, blogging and making topics trend on twitter? I think you should ask Bukola Aminat Wahab aka Shawttynatt. The former banker and PZ employee can make anything trend on twitter even your dog name if you wish. Very dedicated and hardworking, her blog which she started a little over a year ago has grown to become one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria.

Meet the future of online journalism and social media marketing in Nigeria, Bukola Aminat ‘Shawttynatt’ Wahab.


HIP: How/ when did u start blogging?

SHAWTTYNATT: On Jan 17th 2012.

HIP: What inspires you?

SHAWTTYNATT: God, my Son and my immediate environment

HIP: What have you achieved with your blog?

SHAWTTYNATT: Networking and Cash *smiles*

HIP: How many visitors do you get daily on your blog?

SHAWTTYNATT: An average of three thousand visitors per day


HIP: Have you ever been discouraged?



HIP: How much do you make; averagely from blogging?

SHAWTTYNATT: I make money via adverts, AdSense too. You don’t want to know how much… lol

HIP: What are d challenges you’re faced with?

SHAWTTYNATT: Having to blog everyday, at least twice a day and still face my other jobs. It’s really challenging.

HIP: What motivates you to continue?

SHAWTTYNATT: The passion for doing it in the first place and not wanting to bore my readers.

HIP: What makes your blog different from others?

SHAWTTYNATT: I know my onions; I promote brands on my blog. I investigate before posting and I support upcoming artistes by posting their contents regularly because they tend to drive traffic to my blog.

HIP: What other business (es) do you do apart from blogging?

SHAWTTYNATT: I have an 8-5 job with PZ Cussons and I make topics trend on twitter.

HIP: Where is your favourite place in Nigeria?

SHAWTTYNATT: My bedroom *covers face*

HIP: Describe an Average Nigerian Youth.

SHAWTTYNATT: An average Nigerian youth is poor and earns less than 1 dollar a day, hardworking with brains but they don’t read to widen their scope. They are stagnant like the still water.

HIP: When you look at the future of Nigeria with you in it, what do you see?

SHAWTTYNATT: I see entrepreneurs thinking out of the box and companies begging youths to work with them. I see 80% of us been our own bosses 

HIP: What do you wish to change in Nigeria?

SHAWTTYNATT: The political sector, then all other things will fall in place.  Child abuse, rape, domestic violence and a whole lot of others things.

HIP: Are you are proud Nigerian?


HIP: Describe you in a sentence.

SHAWTTYNATT: I am a sincere Entrepreneur




Twitter: @shawttynatt

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