MEET NAIJA ENTREPENEURS I KNOW: The future is here; The Future is Emmanuel ‘Frenzy’ Okafor

Born Emmanuel .T. Okafor, Frenzy is a Nigerian music producer, sound engineer, rapper and song writer. He gained recognition in 2008 after producing Illbliss “U Go Wound O remix” which won the best hip hop video at the Soundcity Music Video Awards 2008. Frenzy has been signature to other popular tunes such as DAGRIN (“If I die”), P SQUARE (“Break It” featuring FRENZY, “Super Fans”). DJ JIMMY JATT (“Too Much remix” featuring BLAISE, SASHA, KEMISTRY and BOUQUI), SASHA (“Put It Down” featuring DAMA DO BLING (Mozambique)).ROOF TOP MC’s – (“Elenu” featuring FRENZY, “Drinks”), DJINEE (“My Love”) etc.

The Future is now, the future is Frenzy, Naija!

HIP: How and when did u start music production?
FRENZY:  I started music production in 2004… Started by making beat back then for my crew called ‘Black Survivors’.

HIP: What inspires you?
FRENZY: I’m inspired by God the creator.

HIP: What have you achieved as a producer?
FRENZY: As a music producer, I have achieved lots of good things, loyal fans, respect, fulfillment, Joyful lifestyle, and you can call me Mr. Independent cause I’m good!!! lol…

HIP: How many artistes do u work with on an average?
FRENZY: I work with 15 to 20 artists in a year.

HIP: Have you ever been discouraged?
FRENZY: I Have seen lots of discouraging things had happen, but I can’t remember being discouraged by any. Even my folks tried, but did not prevail.  Although I’m so thankful to them cause I learnt about God earlier in life because they thought me. So i always put my faith and trust in God.

HIP: How much do you make; averagely as a producer?
FRENZY: N150,000 to N250,000 per song.

HIP: What are the challenges you’re faced with?
FRENZY: In any production business in Nigeria, light is a major issue, you know that. So for you to meet up with the universal standard, you got to work harder & faster.

HIP: What motivates you to continue?
FRENZY: The passion and the love I have for music.

HIP: What makes your beats/ works different from others?
FRENZY: I think what makes my beats / works different from others, is because I’m doing what others refused to do or are afraid of doing… And I love being different too.

HIP: What other businesses do you do apart from sound productions?
FRENZY: I’m also a rapper, Record label executive, songwriter, and an entrepreneur.

HIP: Where is your favourite place in Nigeria?
FRENZY: My favourite place in Nigeria is my studio located in Lagos. Have other interesting and lovely places too.

HIP: Describe an average Nigerian youth
FRENZY: An Average Nigerian Youth is energetic, gifted with full of ideas, but hungry and too fearful.

HIP: When you look at the future of Nigeria with you in it, What do you see?
FRENZY: I see change, and I still see my name ‘there’. Lol! Yeah for real!

HIP: What do you wish to change in Nigeria?
FRENZY: I wish to change the way we think. So many of us needs to start thinking positive, and stop the believe that foreigners are better than us.

HIP: Are you are proud Nigerian?
FRENZY: Lolz… Yeah I’m strongly proud of Nigeria… If I’m not how my signature go come be “Naija!!!” Lol.

HIP:Describe you in a sentence.
FRENZY: That crazy happy kid!


Twitter: @FrenzyNaija
Facebook: Frenzy Naija

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