When celebrities host a party, expect the whole world to nitpick on every little detail and why shouldn’t we? P. diddy topped this list spending a whooping 483 million naira ($3million) enough to build over 40units of four bedroom luxury duplex apartments in Ikorodu. But hey! They have the money to throw around. Here is a list of the top 10 biggest parties thrown by celebrities




Also known as Diddy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy is the richest figure in hip-hop; Forbes estimated his net worth at $550million. For his 40th birthday in 2009, P. Diddy threw a party that cost a whooping $3million (about 483 Million Naira). The party which held at the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel along 5th Avenue in New York had a black and white theme and was sponsored by the rapper’s own vodka firm. His guest list included Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington, Estelle, Nelly and Jimmy Fallon. Combs claimed he suffered his first hangover in five years the morning after the party.






With a total networth of $320 million in 2012, The English A&R executive, television producer, entrepreneur, and television personalitySimon Cowell spent $2.5Million (about 402.5Million Naira) for his 50th birthday. The party was held in Cowell’s mansion at the Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire and had about 400 people invited who all arrived in chauffeured limousines that Cowell paid for.






Her net worth is $45 Million, more than an average for someone who is just a model, British super model Naomi Campbell spent $1.8million about 289.8Million naira for  her 40th birthday American supermodel Naomi Campbell spent $1.8, With a Russian tycoon for a boyfriend, the supermodel surely expected nothing less than a super party. Vladimir Doronin started off the proceedings by making sure that Campbell would receive 40 white roses, one flower for every year of her age. Campbell’s closest friends, like Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Eva Herzigova, David Beckham, Victoria Beckham and Grace Jones were all flown into the French Riviera for a celebration that lasted one week.




Worthing $355 Million, Elton John’s 60th birthday in 2007, cost him not less than $1.5 million, about 241.5Million Naira.





American Model and socialite Paris Hilton is worth $100 Million. When she was turning 21 years old, such an important time in her life as she heads into adulthood, Hilton decided to stage a party in five venues around the world. She celebrated in style by partying in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo and London. She had to cough up $75,000 about 13Million Naira per guest just to make sure that the party keeps going.






Carey is worth $500 Million. When she celebrated her 40th birthday, the sultry singer decided she wanted to have something intimate with only her closest friends in attendance. So, she and her husband invited 11 of their closest friends for some dinner and cake. They spent it in Barbados, with Carey flying everyone to the island on a private jet. the cake was also flown in from New York City.






Lindsay Lohan may have had troubles with the law but one thing you cannot say about her is that she is a bore because the girl really knows how to party. For her 20th birthday, the star of Mean Girls let it all hang out by spending over $100 thousand about 16Million Naira for dinner with her closest friends at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu. Lindsay’s networth is  $7 Million






Any party hosted by the Playboy honcho is bound to be big. With all the Playboy models around, you have to be amazingly boring not to enjoy the event. So Hefner decided to host a party with the usual retinue of beautiful women. But aside from being a lover of beautiful women, Hefner is also known as an astute businessman. He held the party in a nightclub in Las Vegas and he actually had the temerity of charging people who want to attend the party to greet him a happy birthday. And he was actually wise enough to realize that the people were there not to wish him a happy birthday but to ogle at his models. In the end, Hefner was able to celebrate his 84th birthday in style and earn even more money in the process. Hefner is worth $43 Million.


9. Oprah Winfrey


The “Queen of Talk” is worth $2.7 Billion. She had to give up the microphone when she celebrated her 50th birthday.  The party featured Tina Turner, who was Oprah’s favorite singer, singing “Simply the Best.” Jay Leno also brought out a 400-pound cake bedecked with thousands of flowers.




10. Chanel Iman

She was a Victoria’s Secret model about to turn 21. To commemorate the occasion, she invited her closest friends of legal age to a celebration in a private island in Jamaica. The party featured a reggae theme and no doubt had free-flowing alcohol. There is really nothing like being young and beautiful and having money to b

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