BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: Must have beauty items for every lady

Every woman is beautiful, tall or short; black or white, fat or skinny. But one thing that makes some appear more beautiful than the other is because they have identified and work on that part of them that makes them appear in their best shade.

Little make up does no harm to your beauty rather it complement it. No wonder late fashion guru Christian Dior said “No woman is ugly except those who doesn’t know how to make themselves beautiful”.

Below are lists of some key items every lady must have:

1.         Make up Brushes: First thing first, to get your make up right, you need the right make up brushes to help you apply your make up well.


2.         Compact Powder and Concealer: Nobody wants to look at a super shiny face or nose. A matte looking face always looks fresher and pleasant to look at. The concealer  and your powder goes hand in hand, it will help you conceal any blemish you don’t want seen or that your powder would not cover.


3.         Eye shadow: For that ‘talking eyes’ you need a good eye shadow. This can also give your eyes a different shape and size; it all depends on how you wear it.


4.         Eye liner and Mascarara: If your eyes are your best assets, then you cannot do without this two. They help make your eyes eye popping!


5.         Nail Polish: Your nails can tell so much about you so keep it clean, well kept and pleasant by applying the colors that suit your complexion and maintain the clean well done look. It will give you the whole Miss (Mrs.) Posh look.


6.         Lip gloss and Lip balm: Lip balms help you take care of your lips and also protect them from chapping while lip glosses give you that beautiful pout shine that makes your face shine instantly. The lip-gloss can also serve a replacement for lipstick.


7.         Lipstick: A colored lip does wonders to your face and complexion; it gives you an instant face-lift.


8.         False Lashes: Not much of a necessity but if you want that doll like eyes of Nicki Minaj, false lashes will do the trick.


9.         Blush: Blush helps to contour your face. Choose a color that will go well with your complexion and the rest of your makeup.


10.       Signature Scent: You should have at least one and everyone will associate with you.


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