FRIENDSHIP GONE SOUR: Reasons friends drift apart

Friends drift apart for various reasons, it may be because one of them relocate, leave for college, get married or even change in social status. Sometimes, in friendship, it’s all about who’s doing what and who’s doing better. When people start looking at things in a different way or set different priorities in life, friendships start to suffer.

Here are few reasons friends fall apart:




If you consistently put other responsibilities in your life ahead of your friends, they may feel you don’t care and back away from your life.  You need to take conscious actions when it comes to your friends so they don’t feel they need to hunt you just to get a hello. Some ways to keep friendships going include sending short messages and emails, writing a note, and calling friends up to ask about their well beings and affairs goes a long way to show your friends you are still a great friend.




Social media is a great communication tools because it helps us share with our friends simultaneously, but it can also cause misunderstandings if it is not used correctly. Never use your twitter or Facebook as a means to vent your anger or frustrations to a friend. I did that twice and it backfired both times. Do not let social media replace the conventional way of communicating, never underestimate the power of gestures in communication and the speedy response in face to face discussion.




If you’ve got an apology to give, don’t put it off, if you make a mistake, don’t pretend it didn’t happen. Apologizes don’t have to be dramatic in order to be effective, but they do need to be timely and sincere.





Remember your friends have families that need them and few other friends too; if you are too needy, maybe you require more attention than they are able to give.  There are plenty of reasons for clinginess, but one way to combat this is to make new friends. A steady stream of potential friends coming in your life will help you give the proper attention to each of your relationships.





If you have been careless in “being there,” when your friends need your support during their up and down moments in life, it’s time to make up for it.  Apologize for your delay in coming to their side, and allow your friend to tell you about their latest issue or achievement. Lending an ear in this type of situation goes a long way to making up for your lack of attention. Next time your friend needs you, be there without question.


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