MEET NAIJA ENTREPENEURS I KNOW: The future is here; The Future is Akinwale ‘Wonderchild’ Oluwaseun

Fashion designer Akinwale ‘Wonderchild’ Oluwaseun’s dream is to become a global fashion icon whose designs are associated with beautiful, functional and affordable clothing. The young and social fashion entrepreneur is not just dreaming it, she is doing it as she clothes an average of hundred people in any given month. Naija! Another future is here, that future is Oluwaseun ‘Wonderchild’ Akinwale.


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HIP: How/ when did you start your clothing business?

WONDERCHILD: I started my clothing business officially two years ago. It started from a burning passion to create edgy, funky and simple yet sophisticated style for people and myself.

HIP: What inspires you?
WONDERCHILD: The kind of fabrics I work with inspires me, colours around me also inspire me. I love to play with colours.

HIP: What have you achieved as a clothier?
WONDERCHILD: I wouldn’t say I have achieved a lot as a clothier, but I am a work in progress. I have been able to style people for photo shoots, weddings, Commercials etc. I have participated in fashion shows too.


HIP: How many customers do you have on an average?
WONDERCHILD: On an average I have More than hundred customers because we design for youths, working class and special Events.

HIP: What are the challenges you’re faced with?
WONDERCHILD: The major challenge is power supply and inaccessibility to loans, because fashion business is capital intensive.


HIP: Have you ever been discouraged?
WONDERCHILD: I have never been discouraged because I have passion for what I do, and I am not in it because of the profit, but the joy I derive from it when I see people wear my designs.

HIP: How much do you make as a clothier?
WONDERCHILD: What I make as a clothier is enough to pay my bills.

HIP: What motivates you to continue?
WONDERCHILD: The compliment I get from my clients motivates me to continue, and when I look into the future of Nigerian fashion designers it motivates me even more.


HIP: What makes your brand different from others?
WONDERCHILD: What makes my brand different from other brands is that we do both ready to wear and made to measure. Also, I am never afraid to try new things, the kind of fabrics I use for my designs make us different.

HIP: What other businesses do you do apart from clothing business?
WONDERCHILD: Apart from designing, I style people and am also a personal shopper and a wardrobe consultant.

HIP: Where is your favourite place in Nigeria?
WONDERCHILD: My favourite place in Nigeria is definitely Lasgidi because that’s where you get to hustle and survive. It’s the center of excellence.

HIP: Describe an Average Nigerian Youth
WONDERCHILD: An average Nigerian youth is hardworking and stylish.

WFH Design for Kids

WFH Design for Kids

HIP: When you look at the future of Nigeria with you in it, what do you see?
WONDERCHILD: When I look into the future of Nigeria, I see Wonderchild Fashion House becoming a global brand associated with the creation of beautiful, functional and affordable clothing.

HIP: What do you wish to change in Nigeria?
WONDERCHILD: I wish to change corruption and unemployment among the youth.

HIP: Are you are proud Nigerian?
WONDERCHILD: Yes, I am proudly Nigerian.

HIP: Describe you in a sentence.
WONDERCHILD: I am full of wonders, hardworking and self willed.






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