FU is Universal: The love ideology Nigerian and Chinese women have in common

The right man is hard to find. Everywhere in the world emphasis is placed on whom you marry, especially as a woman. It is ‘a most’ for a woman to marry if you are an African or Asian and when the wedding bells doesn’t seems to want to ring by the time you are in your late twenties, something is perceived to be wrong with you.


China is the most populous country (and where more millionaires are springing up daily than any part of the world) but social and traditional believes makes it difficult for most of it’s young populace to find love, especially the female.


If Nigerian Singer Tiwa Savage, popular radio presenter, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru and successful blogger Linda Ikeji were Chinese women, they would be referred to as “Shengnu”. The term directly translated as “leftover women” was coined to refer to professional women who have not married by their late 20s.

This as become a big issue for urban, educated and well-paid Chinese women in a society where the husband’s social status is traditionally above the wife’s.


According to Ni Lin, the host of a popular Chinese matchmaking show “Chinese people often think males should be higher in a relationship in every sense, including height, age, education and salary”


This leads to a phenomenon in which A-grade men marry B-grade women, B-grade men marry C-grade women and C-grade men marry D-grade women. Only A-grade women and D-grade men can’t find partners.


But some believe that the Chinese women ideology of an ideal which are “Gao, Fu, Shuai” (Gao meaning tall, Fu meaning rich, Shuai meaning handsome) man makes the love finding task even more difficult.

The Fu however is what most Nigerian and the Chinese women have in common. Abi na lie I talk?

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