HIP BACKSTAGE: “A fab producer understands it’s not just him in the room”- Bigfoot of Mickworx

You know Bigfoot? He is a producer! Ezenwa Ogbonna better known as Bigfoot is a Nigerian record producer, songwriter and singer. His first full credit production work was in 2004 when he produced the debut album for then fellow University of Benin Student, Sanchez.

In 2007, Bigfoot relocated to Lagos and teamed up with Veteran Producer and Rap artist, Venomous to form the Micworx Production Team.

Bigfoot’s music production style is heavily laden with soul, and emotional progression. In 2010 he started experimenting with electronic sounds, which led to the creation of the E-mixes (short for electronic mixes). The E-mixes is a continuing creative project, the basic idea is to recreate songs by indigenous/African artists fusing it with that big morphing electronic sound to create an entirely original and intriguing mix of the songs.

His production cuts across various music genre and he has worked with various artistes including Project Fame Scores (Season 1&2), Jeffery Daniel (of Shalamar), EFA, Evaezi, Nosa, Sound Sultan, Praiz, ModeNine, Illbliss, Durella, Yemi Alade, Str8 Buttah, Mr. Rae, Kel, M.I, 5Mics, Dramin, Tomi, K-slim, Mike Anyasodo, Iyanya, Elajoe, Late Goldie, Con.Tra.Diction, Eva, Plumbline, Ese Peters, Rhenie, Timix, Anis Halloway, RoofTop MCs, Nyore, Psalmurai, The Kaliphate, BeatBox, Zee, Kraft, Yeka Onka to mention but a few.

Hip quizzes the 27 years old instrumentalist and talented producer on the very first interview on basement. Enjoy


HIP: So how did Music production started for you?

Bigfoot: It’s always been there in a way. I started by writing and composing songs for the choir, then learning cakewalk pro audio, and then production


HIP: And you never looked back since, where do you get your inspiration from?

Bigfoot: hmmm…. That’s a tough one. From everyday life, things I’ve seen, heard, experienced. Other people’s experiences too.


Hip: What factor (s) influenced your production? The artist, the music, the style, the genre or the listeners?

Bigfoot: The artist, the music and the listeners. I like to connect with the artist, get to know the person, and bring the right emotion out in a way that will connect to the listeners. Music is a form of communication; it is nothing if the listeners don’t get it.


Hip: So what makes up a good music?

Bigfoot: Good music cuts through. It connects to you; it completes that particular moment. It isn’t restricted to any genre, it’s just… good


Hip: You seem to prefer Hip-hop genre of music, you have worked with many doing that than any other genre is there a reason for your preference?

Bigfoot: heehe. There is really no preference. Hip-hop has a vibe to it I like. Though I’ve actually made a lot of soul/electro/house music too. Yeah, and dancehall too, :).


Hip: So what distinguish your works as a producer from other producers?

Bigfoot: I put that 110% of me in. you hear it, it sounds different, always looking to get that new vibe in, and it shows in the music…


Hip: You have worked solely on producing mix tapes to help showcase some music talent. How do you spot great talent?

Bigfoot: spotting good talent is difficult, great talent even more so. I listen to tons and tons of music everyday, and I listen for distinction. Sometimes it’s in a whole song, or in just a verse, or a phrase, but you get that glimpse of talent, and you recognize it and work with that…i take that emotion and build on it. i also get to know the artist, so i can bring the person out in the music.


Hip: For someone reading this interview, what makes a fab producer and also a fab artiste?

Bigfoot: A fab producer understands it’s not just him in the room. Same goes for a fab artiste. The ability to make the combination work is really what’s fab. Stay fresh, always stay fresh, the world is changing too fast, and the fab ones stay ahead of it.


Hip: What lies ahead of Nigerian Music Industry?

Bigfoot: The industry is going to stay growing. There’s enough space. More genres are getting recognition, pop/elegushi music is still growing. The collaborations are there, performances and all. New jobs are springing up for songwriters and composers… the possibilities are endless. Even crossing over to movies too. Like, last 2 months I finished the soundtrack for a movie “In the Music’ it will be out soon. So, it’s spreading even to our movie industry, there’s tons of things to do.


Hip: So what new projects do you have up your sleeves? Let them read it here first.

Bigfoot: writing songs & working on an R&B mix tape for Jemal, a dope singer. Producing new music for different artists (Just finished some stuff for Eva, Timix, Beazy, Yunggrace, Emmyace, Boogey, and K-slim) & still prepping 4 “Waka EP 2” with Efa. Then there’s also a tape with Psalmurai also finishing some postproduction work for Nosa.


Hip: Are you in a relationship?

Bigfoot:  yeah.


Hip: Does she have any influence on your work?

Bigfoot: She influences it…that’s all. lol.










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