HIP SPOTLIGHT: “Good music to me is refreshing and soothing whether it is fast, slow or mid-tempo”- Aramide

Aramide is a yoruba name which means: my people have come. If you have been waiting for the fresh wave of Nigerian musicians who will be making good and meaningful music, you can smile with relief. Aramide has come.

As a teenager she discovered delight in singing and writing songs. After high school, she learnt to play the saxophone and guitar, two instruments she is quite passionate about. Her kind of music can be classified as Jazz and soul

Iamhiponline.net spotlight Aramide in this chat with Edward Fawtchune ( @Hedword26 )


E.F: What’s kept you believing in your chosen path of career?
ARAMIDE:  I’ve always loved music and I’ve always been very determined to make it a success. I believe in myself and I work very hard as well. Also, the Nigerian music industry has given me so much hope. Again, I have support from my family and friends.

E.F:  What’s your definition of good music?
ARAMIDE: Good music to me is refreshing and soothing. Its something you always want to go back to. Whether it’s fast, slow or mid tempo. Good music comes from a very sincere place in your heart, the sound, the melodies the uniqueness is just all you need.

E.F: What do you hope to achieve with the kind of songs you do?
ARAMIDE: What I hope to achieve with the kind of songs I do is being unique, having style that stands out and reaches out to people on different levels.

E.F:  A trip down memory lane, what would you like to change if you had the chance career wise?
ARAMIDE:  Nothing really, I know that nothing good comes easy in life, so whatever challenges I face I believe it is for the best and its to make me appreciate what I have and have worked for more.

E.F:  Your songs spells betrayal, heartbreak and the rest. How do they connect to your everyday life as Aramide off stage?
ARAMIDE:  I know a lot of people have relationships with different people, so I try to write about what people go through in life. God, Love, heartbreaks, joy, laughter, freedom and so on. So as an artist, I relate to these things because I am human.

E.F: Can you differentiate Aramide the Artist from the real Aramide?
ARAMIDE: Aramide the artist is emotional when she has to be, fearless, very entertaining and interesting. While Aramide the person is very reserved quiet and sweet, adventurous sometimes. Both personalities aren’t so different after all.





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