MEET NAIJA ENTREPENEURS I KNOW: The future is here; The Future is Abosede “Sketch” Oluyede

Abosede “Sketch” Oluyede is the CEO of SKETCH SOUVENIR PACKAGING SERVICES, a souvenir packaging company based in Lagos Nigeria. The young graduate from the prestigious Lagos State University bagged a B.Sc Honors in Public Relation and Advertising, a discipline she said helped a great deal in her success of today.

Though she started her business a little over a year ago, sketch has already lost count of her clients, gotten car for her business and is thinking of opening a Sketch Souvenir booking outlet; all done without a bank loan.


The future has arrived naija! The future is Abosede “Sketch” Oluyede



HIP:  How/ when did u start Sketch Souvenirs?
Sketch: Sketch Souvenirs began 17 months ago, 10th of March 2012 precisely. How? Well, the love for event planning has always been there, shortly after NYSC, I decided to do a part of Event, called Souvenir Packaging. This inspiration came from above (The holy spirit).

Hip: What inspires you?
Sketch: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit inspires me. Interestingly, more and more jobs inspire me and keep me going. Whenever, I have packages to do, I say to myself, I LOVE MY JOB, I want more… Lol

HIP: What have you achieved as a Souvenir planner and packager?
Sketch: Achievements are crowns for hard works. My number one achievement is to have giving birth to this great DREAM Sketch Souvenirs with the help of the Holy Spirit. Acquiring a CAR for Sketch Souvenirs, building client relationships, and sustaining market royalty for Sketch Souvenirs from inception is a huge achievement, believe me.


HIP: How many clients do you have on an average?
Sketch: *opens clients booklet* OMG, I have lost count. On the average, 60 clients; I have got actual and potential clients as well.

HIP: Have you ever been discouraged?
Sketch: Gospel truth, NO! I have never been discouraged trust me. Attending seminars, conferences and workshops have really helped, hence, I say NO to any discouragement whatsoever.

HIP: How much do you make averagely from your souvenir planning and packaging business?
Sketch: *
Laughs* disclosing your profit on air may be a huge task… Okay, on the average, I make about forty thousand naira on every 200 packages.


HIP: What are the challenges you’re faced with?
Sketch: In fairness, I have no challenges dealing with my Clients. I studied Public Relations and Advertising back in School; this has helped a great deal. But not having a Car for my business when I started was like hell on earth because I did carry souvenirs on my head, YES! On my head before the arrival of the CAR. Trust me that was a huge challenge I faced then.

HIP: What motivates you to continue?

Sketch: More Jobs!!!  I love to work, I love events. Whenever I get calls from new clients, I get motivated, and I would want more. Am happier when I package.

HIP: What makes your company different from others?
Sketch: Uniqueness, trend, class and taste. We’ve got a house style that distinguishes us from others, that’s if there are other outfits that packages souvenirs though.   Basically, I have got a team of hardworking staff. We just don’t package, Sketch Souvenirs guarantees highest quality products, sketch souvenirs guarantees free delivery, Sketch Souvenirs offers free administration of souvenirs at part venues, Sketch souvenirs builds an effective platform to ensure satisfactory customer services, and finally, Sketch Souvenirs carefully picks appropriate souvenirs for every occasion.  

HIP: What other business (es) do you do apart from Souvenir planning and packaging?
Sketch: This is all I do for a living. I simply love to Package Souvenirs.

HIP: Where is your favourite place in Nigeria?
Sketch: I love Victoria Island in Lagos Nigeria, to be precise. Most of jobs come from there… Lol.

HIP: Describe an average Nigerian youth
Sketch: Enterprising, innovative and creative. An average Nigerian youth is mindful of his or her environment, hence, making all dreams come through.

HIP: When you look at the future of Nigeria with you in it, what do you see?

Sketch: A better Nigeria. A renowned Nigeria. A dream comes through Nigeria. Nigeria can only get better, it can never get worse.


HIP: What do you wish to change in Nigeria?
Sketch: The Unemployment Saga! Its sad seeing several graduates on the street of Nigeria stranded. My dream for this great Nation is to build and encourage the entrepreneurship standard of this Country. To open the minds of the youths to becoming great entrepreneurs.

Hip: Are you are proud Nigerian?
Sketch: Yessssssss! So proud to be a Nigerian, because, its my Motherland.

HIP: Describe you in a sentence.

Sketch: Classy, Cool and Fabulous.


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