STUPID LOVE? British Model Ditches Career to Marry her Boyfriend of Four Months

What can love make you do? I haven’t thought the extent to which I’ll go in the name of love but this story really amaze me. British Model Carly Watts is ditching the luxury and safety of her country England plus her booming career as a lingerie model to marry her man of 4months, Mohammed Salah.

The model who is also a single mother of one child met Salah while she was vacationing in Salah’s homeland, Tunisia in April. Watts said that she and her 2-year-old daughter, Alanah, will move from Norfolk to Monastir, in Tunisia, where she will convert to Islam before marrying Salah in the spring. 


Do you think her decision is quite absurd and too soon? What can and cant love makes you do?


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