LEE THOMPSON YOUNG’S DEATH: The Miseducation of the World by E!

Lee Thompson Young was an American actor known for his teenage role as the title character on the Disney Channel television series The Famous Jett Jackson and as Chris Comer in the movie Friday Night Lights. His last starring role was portraying Boston police detective Barry Frost on the TNT police drama series Rizzoli & Isles.


On August 19, 2013, Young failed to show up for filming an episode of Rizzoli & Isles. Police were called to do a well-being check on him at his Los Angeles apartment, where he was found dead. His manager confirmed the actor took his own life.Police confirmed cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 29.

However, in an online report by popular American Entertainment channel they says “those close to Young noticed things “really changed” a few years ago when he began practicing Yorùbá, an Africa-based religion which has a saying, “iku ya j’esin”, meaning  “death is preferable to ignominy.” Some have questioned whether this means that suicide is an acceptable way to preserve personal or family honor in the face of public shame”

I thought they say, “Google is your friend” but E! Went ahead without research to say Yoruba is a religion and Lee died because he was practicing it.


To set record straight, Yoruba/ Yorùbáare an ethnic group of southwestern Nigeria and southern Benin in West Africa. The Yoruba constitute over 35 million people in total, the majority of this population is from Nigeria and make up 21% of its population.


Yoruba people are native speakers of the Yoruba language. The number of speakers is roughly estimated at about 30 million in 2010.


Yoruba religious beliefs are part of ‘itan’, the total complex of songs, histories, stories and other cultural concepts, which make up the Yorùbá society.


All this facts are there on the Internet, how come they do not search these facts up before posting fallacies on their “Reputable” online platform.


I believe any contacts and connections Lee had with Yoruba is just a quest to find his roots. Lee died because of negligence of his so-called Hollywood colleagues, his friends and family.


Close association as a matter of fact is a part of Yoruba culture. Your families, immediate and extended never leave whether you are rich or poor, famous or not. They are always around for you.


Yoruba is not religion; even our culture forbids suicide.  So E! Stop ‘miseducating’ the world with your “Always on desk” journalism and fallacies.

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