HIP BACKSTAGE: “The DJ business is no longer a child’s play”- De Sensational DJ SMOOTH

Abiodun Adeoye popularly known as De Sensational DJ SMOOTH is a Nigerian Disc Jockey. The celebrated DJ hails from Ibadan -Oyo State, he started his DJ career back in the 90’s. . His career has taken him to5 countries and about 20 states in Nigeria. He is also one of the in house DJs for popular Nigeria radio station Rhythm FM firstly working in the Abuja studio before finally pitched his tent with Rhythm 93.7fm Lagos.


In a new feat, he launched a DJ mix session on SILVERBIRD TV& Kennis Music Channel. No silver or gold but disk jockeying is the best way he can make everyone happy. DJ Smooth was awarded Rhythm FM Abuja’s best Dj. He was also part of MTV Guinness Extra Smooth Train in Abuja.

Hip backstage quizzes the evergreen DJ smooth in this Interview with Edward Fortune.

E.F: Why the choice of DJ?
DJ SMOOTH: Deejaying has always been my thing. When I was younger, I used to listen to a lot of music from all around the world. Music always got me going. So I thought to myself, “Why don’t I just put my knowledge and love for music to good use”? And that was how I started.

E.F: What makes a professional DJ?
DJ SMOOTH: Wow. What a question. (Adjusts sitting position). A professional Dj in my opinion is one who can thrill any kind of audience, has a great and wide knowledge of Music, and has great skill on the turntables. So a professional Dj should be able to deliver at any kind of event, must be able to read the minds of his audience, and should be able to creatively blend the music in such a way they would never get tired of. A professional Dj is one who knows what’s hot and what’s new, and what the people want to hear.   

E.F: What’s your perception of the society about DJ’s being dropouts?
DJ SMOOTH: (Clears throat) Well that has always been the mindset over the years, but the truth is; Djs are now very educated. The Dj business is no longer a child’s play. It is a serious industry and we now even have Djs who are B.Sc. and M.Sc. Deejaying is a profession and I think we have a lot of serious, exposed and educated Djs now. 

E.F: One song you can’t do without?
DJ SMOOTH: Errrrr. (Looks at the ceiling). This is a difficult one because there are a lot of great songs out there. It’s really hard to just single out one track. But then, there are a few songs that almost always make it to my playlist.

E.F: What gave birth to the *video mix*?
DJ SMOOTH: Basically the Smooth Video Mix, was born out of the thirst to bring something fresh and unique to the table for the viewing pleasure of Dj Smooth’s fans and lovers of Good music.                           

E.F: One thing a DJ must have?
DJ SMOOTH: *Repeats question* It has to be good taste and knowledge of music. Must also be calm and calculated.


Edward Fortune is an OAP with Rock city FM Abeokuta. Originator, 10minutes with a celeb and contributor for iamhiponline.

Twitter handle: @hedword26.
Facebook: hedword fawtchune
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