Naija young Entrepreneurs Speak: Three most important factors that keep them going

Taking the leap to work for yourself on a full time basis (especially for this  Naija) is one of the hardest tasks ever. The thought of failing and how to get by without any help is sometimes terrifying. 

Being an entrepreneur myself (whew! e nor easy) and the fact I too get discouraged ( people do get discouraged at one point or another)made me seek the opinions of other entrepreneurs that I know on the factors that keep them going when they almost throw in the towel, read the answers from twelve of them below.

Hope you get inspired.


*Penzaar: Drive, Focus , Success


*Quad T: Self determination, Loving what I do- Some others can call it job satisfaction, Thoughts of a worthy legacy to leave behind


*Shepherd: LOVE for people, Excellence And Purpose.


* Ski Chauffeur: I enjoy what am doing and have fun with it, Impossibilities is not in my dictionary, put my trust n faith in Lord, I believe in myself n a brighter tomorrow.


* OluwajayFilms: Determination, Focus, Money


*Helen Ozor: My Vision, making sure my clients are satisfied and the love I have for my job keeps me going


* TeeSparx Pictures: Determination and most importantly passion.


* Pietro Tayo: Perseverance, having the TKO about what I want to do and being disciplined towards my goal.


^Marcy: Endurance, optimism and the need to be consistency


* Bisodun: Passion, dreams, results and success


* Lekan Lawal: Clients, Respect for my investors and I don’t give up


* Sultry Ella: Passion, Money, Drive!

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