HIP FASHIOPRENEURS: I knew my parents will never consent to my fashion enterprise so I did not let them know- Strict Rebel CEO, Oyeyemi Adams

Where there is a will. there is a way and this entrepreneur is a typical example of that! Oyeyemi Adams is the CEO of Street Rebel, the name which she said was inspired by her attitude towards everything ‘I don’t talk much, I just do it’ .  Defiling all odds, Yemi ventured into the Fashion enterprise with the determination to either make or break, the decision which today is PAYING off!

Read and enjoy her story below!


 HIP: When did you realize you can do what you are doing for a living?

Yemi: Back when I was at the University.


HIP: What inspired you to take up fashion as a business?

Yemi: Initially, it was a hobby for me to draw and friends advised me to start designing shirts. With time, it grew into a business.


HIP:Did you get a ‘Yes go ahead’ or a ‘No way’ attitude from your parents and siblings?

Yemi: I knew my parents will never consent to it so I didn’t bother letting them know. My siblings gave me all the support and encouragement I needed.

Street Rebel1

HIP: What was/ were your childhood dreams and ambitions?
Yemi: I had so many childhood dreams. They never lasted for long because I am curious and get bored easily.


 HIP: How did you raise your first business capital?

Yemi: I had saved up a little sum of money and my sibling lent me a little which I returned the same day because I realized it wasn’t expensive to start.


HIP: Who were your first set of clients/ customers?
Yemi: My friends were my first set of Clients/Customers.


HIP: Is this a side hustle for you or a full time job?

Yemi: This is my full time job.


HIP: How/ where do you get your products? If you manufacture your brand, where do you source your materials and how easy or difficult is it?
Yemi: Thank God Lagos has a very versatile and flexible market. You can get almost any type of material/product you need. Just know the right market/source of materials.


HIP: What is your vision for your brand?
Yemi: My vision is to compete with the tops brands that are already well know. A long term vision to meet up with international standard and still be affordable to clients.


HIP: What is that fashion essential for a man/ woman?
Yemi: Quality products that can stand the test of time and still make you stand out positively.


HIP: What are the challenges you face as a fashion entrepreneur?
Yemi: The main challenge is human factor. People want the good stuff but some are too cheap to pay for it. So they try their best to frustrate in every way they can. But then diplomacy and a firm stand is always needed when approaching clients. So they can respect your business they way you respect your business.


HIP: The future of the Nigerian Fashion industry… Bright or blurry?
Yemi: Very bright future for fashion in Nigeria.

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