And here they are: 10 of the worst quotes of 2014


10) “Na only you waka come?”- Patience Jonathan

It was the video that launched a million YouTube hits. The first Lady, Patience Jonathan’s private shame was exposed to the whole world when she attempted to do some damage control of her own after her husband’s administration failed to respond swiftly to the tragedy of 276 school girls kidnapped from their secondary school in Chibok. Rife with bad grammar, fake tears, shoddy acting and lacking any real empathy, Mrs Jonathan’s viral train wreck of a performance was both comic and tragic.

9) “I was not in office at that time, but even then, a presidential directive is not law and is not gazetted.”- Diezani Alison-Madueke

The Minister for Petroleum, brazenly telling the Senator Makarfi- led committee investigating the allegations of the missing $20 billion funds as well as the fraudulent kerosene subsidy payments why she continued payments on a kerosene programme that had been terminated by president Musa Yar’adua. According to her, she felt no compulsion to obey Yar’adua’s directive as it was not gazetted and could not be interpreted as law.

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