These experiences can turn your boyfriend your bestfriend!


Yinka Nathan and Model, Gabriel


Being a best friend involves a lot more understanding and acceptance. It goes deeper than holding hands or showing up to places together. It’s knowing who that person is and loving him because he makes you better. It’s palling around because you feel more whole in his presence. You couldn’t imagine making decisions without his insight. He couldn’t imagine not having you there. There are some qualities and experiences, beyond the duties of a boyfriend that make him your best friend.


1. HE’S THE FIRST PERSON YOU SEND YOUR GOOFY SELFIE TO Whether it’s an interesting article or an “I’m bored” Snapchat, your boyfriend is the first person on the receiving list. Even when you feel like you’re totally harassing him with silly Internet findings, he always wants to be bothered by you. There’s never not a time he doesn’t want to hear from you — no matter how ridiculous your Look-I’m-Eating-A-Sandwich! selfie is.

2. YOU CAN SIT AROUND ALL DAY IN YOUR PAJAMAS, SANS MAKEUP AND TAMED HAIR, AND FEEL TOTALLY COMFORTABLE Even when you’re not looking or feeling your best, you know your boyfriend will never judge you based on your appearance. You don’t have to dress up for him or feel like you have to always be “on.” He’s happy to see you comfortable, in your natural state and just being yourself.
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