Ten lessons I learnt in 2014


1) Don’t let anyone manage you. Don’t force anyone to love you. Those who love you genuinely would show up. You should be celebrated.

2) Don’t be under pressure to attend to someone’s need. Whatever you won’t be able to attend to,  Let them know on time.

3) I learnt not to compare myself with anyone. We might be friends but we all started from different points.

4) I learnt to stop living in the shadows of people. I am unique.

5) I got to know that  you can’t please everyone but you can try your best to and at least be contented that you tried.

6) I learnt how to move on with my life when someone refuses to accept my apology. They are not my God.

7) I learnt that even when you seek advice from people, you still need to be sure of what you want or else you would be led astray.

8) I learnt that envy/jealousy kills your creativity and introduces fear into your ability because you feel the other person is better than you.

9) I learnt that the ‘little good things’ we do influences people’s lives.

10) God is everything. Everything he says is true. Follow God like a fool. He should be your direction. God is faithful.

Words by Comedian Eric Ojemba 1

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