Top Five Digital Transformations you Should Expect in 2019

Digital transformations to expect in 2019

Technological and digital breakthroughs have continued to hit us in rapid successions. From your sleek mobile devices to your IOT enabled appliances to your fiat currencies, we have in the last decade woke to various technological advancements and a slight snooze may mean you will never catch up the pace. If you however think those smart devices are the height of it , “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

So here’s a list of five digital transformation to expect in the year 2019:

  1. 5G mobile Devices: If you’re an ardent follower of tech communities or you are a little on he tech savvy side of the table, you would have caught a few conversations about the 5G networks and 5G devices. It has been observed in some regions, most especially the United States, that various test to ensure the stability of this technology is implemented. one thing i read about the 5G is that, it has an amazing broad reach. So according to ” If you have been following the tech community, you will have seen that there are a wide number of fixed and test deployments with companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Ericcson, Samsung and Huawei all getting into the action.” The bad news here is, Iphone users don’t get to enjoy this feature until probably 2020
  2. Chatbots get stronger: I know quite a few times you may have experienced a few customer service relationship with chatbots of certain companies and may not have noticed. The truth is, a few times these chat bots have glitches. Here’s the news on that: in 2019 they get better! Yeah right, I know you may be thinking more job displacements but on the contrary, most companies with these improvement are rather planning on improving their workforce. Remember, these are just bots, empathy and emotion play vital roles in job executions.
  3. Connected Clouds: talking about clouds, most cloud computing companies are going into collaborations to provide seamless cloud computing services. Not to worry, it only goes to explain that dumping your files on drives that may crash in any moment may no longer be a headache.
  4. Blockchain gets better: I know how confusing this blockchain thing sounds, and sincerely i have attended so many lectures on it especially on how it intend to monitor and keep records of transactions amongst all other miracles that blockchain experts claim. The truth is, blockchain is quite complicated and the use? not yet fully understood. Nut here comes the turn around, i’ll say anticipate so much form blockchain.
  5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Have you ever had 5D visual device experience? I better not explain the feeling. But overtime we have seen interesting documentaries promising a groundbreaking entry into our day to day lives. i bet you must have created this image of you sitting and enjoying your lazy day while you work in virtual reality. Oops…sorry bro! That opportunity may have to wait a little longer, for in 2019, it seems virtual reality still stays in gaming environments.

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