Trials of a broke Lagosian

To be broke is not a joke!

Honestly! ask a broke Lagos guy. The truth is you may be broke in every other place but, Lagos is a different ball game entirely. My name is Gee (i won’t tell you my actual name for the purpose of privacy) but sit back relax, enjoy and advice me as time goes on in my journey to wealth. In the meantime, baba is still BROKE!

Christmas! widely celebrated and if i am not mistaken, it is a period so many people look forward to. I used to do so too, until breeze of change blew. To be honest, that’s what we all blame, so let me join the band wagon.

This Christmas was to be like every other but trust me na just small e remain, my picture or video for trend with headline “another babe disgraces a guy at popular mall”. All ye who are single I praise the lord on your matter, you really don’t know it’s a blessing. you’ll soon know why.

It happened that I was sleeping with the peace of mind that my babe was out of the state on her mandatory service to the nation. My guys had previously texted me to come over but i just wanted to have my me-time, but as this popular saying goes “head wey wan chop knock, if he dey inside bus, e go chook head comot say e wan buy gala!” in simple terms, what you’ll suffer, you’ll suffer!…I’ll tell you what happened next episode.

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