Top 5 Transport Innovations You Should Look Forward To In The Nearest Future

Hi guys, I’m here again to give you a peep into the world of alluring innovations and technology. This time we delve into the wonder world of futuristic transportation.

Ever had that saying,” The future is now!” they must have been referring to the latest innovations in various fields as these have come from the realms of our sci-fi movies to stay!

Currently there are 5 mouth-gaping innovations in the transport industry you should look forward to:

Maglev Trains and vehicles: No jokes, but trust me tire making industries may have to look for more innovative use of the latex(in the case of the cars) as transport industries begin to shift focus to cars and trains that glide. These innovations work on a principle called Magnetic Levitation.

Windowless airplanes: I know how that sounds right, as scary as the image you may conjure after seeing this picture may be, it is far from it! Emirates has once again gone ahead of the game in air travel as they manufacture airplanes with virtual windows. the passenger gets to see a realtime simulation of the view outside the airplane during flight. scary isn’t it?

Flying hotel pods: In this one , I’ll use this expression ” this wan weak me!”. Have you ever been to a hotel? I think the more preferable question should have been “have you ever imagined an hotel that can take you to your favourite destinations even while you sleep?” This is the innovation to watch out for. For it is a hotel pod which takes you to your places of vacation even while you sleep.

Smart pedestrian pavements:  Most pedestrian accidents lately have resulted from usage of mobile phones. These smart pedestrian pavements act like traffic lights with the usual red, amber , green to indicate impending danger to pedestrians as they use their mobile devices. Mind you, they are also solar powered.

Drone Taxis: Imagine Uber, Taxify as drones, GPS driven and definitely comfy as they take you through the airways in grand style. Yes! drone taxis are traffic congestion innovations you should also watch out for.

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