Recently, it seems in all indication that the 90’s fashion is making a come back. Everyone suddenly wants to dress vintage; From their hair to their sun shades to their tops and finally to their JEANS! One of these is “THE MUM JEAN”. The mum jean has made a return and it seems to be sticking in the hearts of the 2000 kids. First,we can say the Instagram “models” also inspired many other people to start wearing this jeans. From the Kardashians to Beyonce and other A-listers , who are we to complain about this retro style? If you can’t beat them, you join them.

Oh, all these rants about a “mum jean” and you don’t even know how it looks right? Okay, no problems, i’ve got you. The mum jean is a type of jean trousers that was in vogue sometime around the 80’s  and 90’s . it was known to be tight at the waist {usually high waisted} and the legs are also baggy. It doesn’t accentuate the curves in any way and makes the butt look larger and flatter. Basically, it is comfortable, since we go with comfortable wear instead of being fancy lately, right?

There have been a lot of controversy on mum jeans , some people claim it doesn’t fit them others claim it is ugly but i think style is not about what you wear but how it wears you. I know that sounds philosophical, it just means that wearing the clothes in season doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll fit you. You just have to find something you look good on or rather style your mum jean well. Still thinking of how you can do that? Never mind, i got you {winks}

PS- You can thrift your mum jean  from online stores or at the market,Yaba or Lagos Island if you want a good deal. Don’t worry, you are welcome.


  • SCARF BELTS seem to be having a reawakening too and you can use one to make your mum jeans look classy.
  • SHOW SOME SKIN ,WILL YOU!  You can also wear a cropped top with your jeans.
  • GRAB YOUR OLD TEES,THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE USEFUL! Instead of using your old t shirt for your nightwear why not turn it into something iconic and couple it with your mum jeans and look chic affordable rate.
  • YOUR CARDIGAN too may be of help as you can style it and look effortlessly chic.
  • SPAGHETTI TOPS to the rescue.

I  think we owe Pinterest a round of applause for these beautiful pictures.

Till we meet next time, xoxo TASLEMAT.

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