Trials Of a Broke Lagosian (Episode 2: Cinematotrouble)


…as i slept at home with no plans of going anywhere, that was when devil flashed me. When they say “Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am!”  they meant the situation that happened that day. I picked up my phone to check whats app statuses then from there, i was catfished into a trap i will never forget.

You know, most of us have these crush somewhere somehow, that we always silently wished will just take one brief glance at us, and when that glance happens, “viola! we don win lotto!”

Naomi was that kind of girl. She would always check my status but to say hi will be war. On this fateful day, i no know the electric surge wey enter my fingers wey make me comment on top her status. (Gee…on a christmas day! wey you no get shiishii for that matter.)

So i typed “Wow!…you look awesome as always”. she didn’t reply. When God will use the devil in her to treat my f**k up, I typed ” Your boyfriend must really be a lucky man to behold these endowments”. then she replied “oops, you missed!”

I should have just learnt and taken that as a bad omen oh, no! i still typed ” do you mean, you have none? you that i’m quite sure is spending an amazing time shopping or partying!” To cut the story short, I found myself with Naomi strolling and she just picked out her phone. The next thing she said was “do you mind accompanying me to the movies? Don’t worry, a taxify driver will be here soon. We won’t stay too long” In my hearts of heart, i felt “oh she would have bought her ticket.” Or highest I would feign phone call when we get to the entrance of the cinema. shior! …?(to be continued)

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