Five tools that can make your office work less stressful

Obviously, the importance of office tools like Microsoft office suite and Google spreadsheets can’t be understated. However, there are amazing office tools that boost productivity and still gives you time to chill or do more.

Notion: This is one very handy note taking App which boosts productivity by being an all-in-one app which makes project management seamless. It manages your tasks, deadlines, documents of different formats and can be used by your team.

Wunderlist: What saves time boosts productivity, and ultimately earns you more money. This is Wunderlist!

It serves as a virtual assistant, helps manage your time, and makes detailed lists of tasks possible.

Localvox: Social media keeps growing robustly, most people however have jobs and these social media platforms help push their businesses far beyond reach.

But it is usually daunting to manage social media apps, that you can barely keep up. And that’s what localvox helps you with.

Focusbooster: focus helps a lot in delivery of excellent results in all things we do including workplaces obviously. Focusbooster uses a timer to space tasks and enable more focus.

Universal password manager: It is no doubt very unproductive to spend minutes trying to get your login details after you must have mixed up such or forgotten. UPM helps you keep track of the username and password to the sites you visit.

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