Heart gets printed with the aid of 3D printing Technology.

Researchers in Tel Aviv university have successfully printed the first 3D printed heart.

Professor Tal Dvir, who led the project, says the miniature organ was made with a patient’s own cells, describing it as a “major medical breakthrough”.

The process started from extraction of the patient’s cell after a biopsy of
of fatty tissue taken from patients. As typical of 3D machines where molecules of an object is used as ink, the cellular material from the tissues was used as the “ink” for the print job.
according to www.engadget.com, “the heart isn’t very big — it’s only about the size of a rabbit’s heart. But the technology that made it possible could eventually lead to the production of a human-sized organ. Currently, the hearts can only contract but researchers plan on culturing the 3D printed hearts and teaching them how to operate like the real deal. Once that process is complete, they will attempt to transplant them into animal models”.

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